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A bit about the history of the Red-Green Alliance in Esbjerg
by John Littau

The Red-Green Alliance was founded in 1989 which was also the case in Esbjerg, however a bit unstructured. There was no member index, but instead a group of people you hoped would join and be active.

Foto: Enhedslisten Esbjerg

The first election following the creation of the Red-Green Alliance was in 1991. This didn't go too well. The activity level dropped following this, and by the next election in 1994 only 3 members ran an election campaign in the old Ribe Amt. There were 15 members in total.

The Red-Green Alliance entered parliament and a lot of new members finally joined.

In 1993 a local list existed in Esbjerg, called Syvstjernen, which we were a part of. It almost came to an end by the election in 1997.

In 1994 and 1995 there was a lot of activity revolving the privatisation of the city buses. The Red-Green Alliance gained respect during this, especially as our members of parliament showed up regularly. This was so far unseen.

Things were both up and down up until 2005 when Pernille Rosenkrantz was the star of the land. This rubbed off in Esbjerg where a lot of new members joined. The number of members was tripled in the course of a few years.

In 2007 we ran in the municipalities of Ribe and Vejen which marked changes outside of Esbjerg.

There has been created departments in Varde, Billund-Grindsted, and latest in Vejen.

Foto: Enhedslisten Esbjerg

By the election in 2011, we got a representative elected for the first time in the shape of Henning Hyllested. In 2013 we were elected for the city council for the first time with 2 representatives.

A lot of our members have always been active in other organisations, e.g. to do with peace, environment, cyclists, etc.

Today we are about 130 members in the municipality of Esbjerg.


The Red-Green Alliance Esbjerg on social media:
- Our facebook page
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The Red-Green Alliance Esbjerg address:
co Poul Eck Sørensen
Willemoesgade 29
6700 Esbjerg


CVR no.:

Accounting Esbjerg:
- Accounting 2014
- Accounting 2015



Foto: Enhedslisten Esbjerg


Regulations Esbjerg:
Regulations the 6th of April, 2016

Opinions from us:
See the 'We believe' pages

The work program of the national organisation:
- The Red-Green alliance - in english
- Key Issues: Solidarity Works - in english
- Programme of the Red-Green Alliance - in english

- The history of the national organisation
- The regulations of the national organisation with interpretations of the statuory board

- The Red-Green Alliance has no youth organisation but collaborates with the Socialist Youth Front (SUF) and encourages its younger members to be active in SUF.
Read more about SUF on their own website - in english

If you are under age 30, you can become a double member of both the Red-Green Alliance and SUF. There is no additional cost.